I know this sounds almost WACKY but it’s true and it’s really a simple process. If you’ve been dying to build or move into a brand NEW home, designed just the way you want it, with enough bedrooms and enough closet space (I hate small closets!), then you should really check out this program. It sounds a little weird, the “”What’s the catch”” radar definitely went off the first time I heard about it, but it’s based on common sense and a very simple concept. In a nutshell, you’ll receive an offer with a guaranteed purchase price for your current home. This gives you clear directions and takes a lot of the risk out of starting construction on a new home. Here’s basically how the concept works: 1. First we want to make sure you can qualify for your NEW home mortgage loan. Folks that last went through the mortgage process before 2008 are in for a bit of a surprise, the mortgage underwriting process has become much more invasive and detailed. Just know that things that were not a problem prior to 2008, can be potential deal killers in today’s mortgage market. This can be a good thing, think of all those stated incomes that were inflated and homes that foreclosed as a result. Today’s tougher guidelines will make for safer loans and solid real estate values moving forward. 2. Then there is VERY detailed market analysis completed on your home. This is important, we want you to know how much down payment you’ll have for the NEW home. This will also help determine what loan program fits you best and helps accurately forecast a payment on your NEW home. 3. You’ll receive a guaranteed offer price for your new home. The offer will be reasonable and based on your current market comparable sales but might not be the highest offer you could get. You’ll keep the right to continue marketing your home for the highest possible sales price. But in the case the home does not sell for more, you have the guaranteed purchase offer in place. 4. Once you are qualified for the new loan, you know exactly how much cash you will have to put down on the new home and you have your guaranteed offer in place, then you start on the new home. You’ll find a lot, plan and set of upgrades that perfectly fit your needs. The purpose of the Trade Old Home For New program is to take the risk and questions out of building a NEW home before selling your current home. The program is simple and practical. If you would like more information on the program, please visit [http://www.UtahNewHomeSales.com]. Josh Mettle is a top producing Professional Mortgage Lender in Salt Lake City, Utah specializing in Physician and medical related field mortgage lending. Josh is also a fourth generation real estate investor, and owns a number of rental homes, apartment units and mortgages. If you’re ready to buy or sell residential real estate, get Josh’s latest free tips, tools and newsletter at http://www.joshmettle.com. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Josh_Mettle/625945 “